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FAQ for Social Biblia

I haven't been asked a lot of questions yet, so this is a list of question I think people might ask. Nobody else would know what LQITPMA means, so I gave it the title of FAQ.
  • Why do we need another translation of the Bible?

    We don't. At least not in English we don't. But there are plenty of languages that don't have a translation of the Bible, so we do need those still.

  • If we don't need another English version of the Bible, why did you make this site? is not a translation of the Bible. It is a reformatting of the Bible, to a form that fits today's internety-ness, in the same way that The Action Bible is an interpretation of the Bible in comic book form

  • Where did you get the idea for this?

    I don't remember exactly when or where the idea finally came to be. It was a long process. I think most of the blame can be placed with Chad Gibbs (God & Football). He had a running feature on his blog about Last Week in Facebook, where he would make fake entries for recent news events. Some of it was also inspired by Stuff Christians Like, but more indirectly than directly.

  • This has been done before. You're not original.

    That's not a question.

  • Okay ... this has been done before. Why can't you be original?

    That's better.

    When I started to implement this idea, I checked around to see if anyone had done it before. I found one instance, which covered the passion of the Christ (i.e. the Easter story). But it was a PDF, not a live web page (no links) and it was just one Person's page. Consider this site to be an expansion or improvement upon the previous ideas. Something like standing on the shoulders of giants, if you will.

  • And if I won't?

    Then you're just being ornery and I won't take any more questions from you.

  • I see only part of the Bible. Where's the rest of it?

    This is a work in progress. I am adding people and stories from the Bible as I get to them. You can help speed the process by suggesting some content.

  • This is a pretty blatant copy of Facebook. Is this even legal?

    My sources have advised me that it is a parody, so it is acceptable.

  • So wait, you're making a parody of the Bible? Isn't that blasphemous?

    No, I'm not parodying the Bible; this is a parody of Facebook.

  • I thought parodies were songs, like Weird Al. Plus parodies are funny. This isn't humorous. How is this a parody?

    A parody, in general, takes an existing form and replaces the content to make a point. Often the point is humor, but the point could be something else (e.g. political, cultural, or - in this case - religious).

  • How do I make a page for someone?

    Use the Page Creator to send in suggestions for pages.

  • You put up a new page like I suggested, but it has only some of my stuff. Why did you mess up what I sent you?

    Maybe someone else also sent in a page for the same person you did. Maybe I was already working on that page and decided to incorporate some of your ideas. Could be a number of reasons why.

  • Facebook has the most recent stuff at the top, but Social Biblia has the oldest stuff at the top. Why are you backwards?

    I'm not backwards - Facebook is. I'm continuing the tradition that's thousands of years old - reading starts at the top and goes down. Social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, list the most recent stuff first because they are interested in current events and are being continually updated. Social Biblia, however, has a completed story to tell and therefore is in the standard reading format.

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